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Custom developed unique features for our customers to excel.



Business Intelligence Dashboard - A visual representation of performance, such as number of new customers, coupons used, coupons remaining.


Customer Database

Segment your users based on set of criteria like name, nationality, number of coupons used, number of coupons remaining, card number and more...


SMS Notification

Let customers get notified about each and every update about their account starting from activation, what, when and how many coupons are used.


Email Notification

Your customers will be updated each and everything about their account, starting from activation, what, when and how many coupons are used.



It is easy to export all your customer database or all the coupons used for easy accounts managing into a single CSV or PDF file.



Maintaining the list of coupons used daily, becomes easy for your accounts department with our easy export option.


It's free and always will be.

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Features and Details

Some damn good features, specifications and interesting facts about our beautiful product.

Simple and Reliable

Easy to install, no additional hardware require. One click Install.

Secured by Default

We use secure servers and regular backups ensuring your data is safe.

Lifetime FREE updates

Tons of features getting added, and it is totally free of cost.


Built with Node.js

High Performance, Scalable, Agile and Lightweight development.

Mongo DB

Your database is safe with Mongo DB. Supported, Secured, Certified

Hosted on Cloud

Flexible, Scalable and Disaster Recovery. Your data is always safe.

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